Saturday, January 31, 2009


The SS PAN AMERICAN VICTORY is one of the last Victory Ship left a float. She served gallantly during WWII the was laid up in 1946 in the US Navy Reserve Fleet in Sinsun Bay California 1946-2009 see photos below. Would you like to preserve this old Victory ship? She is scheduled to be scrapped in the next few years. She deserves to be maid into a museum ship where people can come and walk her wood decks and feel the ocean rocking the old ship in her berth. If we don't act soon the SS PAN AMERICA VICTORY will be gone for ever. Please help save her for the next generation to see how WWII was won by the US Merchant Navy. Thanks Bill Layton

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  1. hi, would be great to save them , at least u still have ships to save in USA , In UK they never bothered to save one ww2 merchant ship , dont follow our example ,,, TONY WILDING.